A young child of unknown gender falls into a hole and finds their self in the underground, realm of monsters. This realm is the result of a war between humans and monsters that the humans won, forcing the monsters underground and sealing them off with a barrier. Upon landing in the monster realms, the child […]

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No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky is more or less considered the modern telling of Icarus. Promises were made, expectations were set, hearts were broken and refunds were given. I took a much-needed week off from work where I spent a copious amount of time playing No Man’s Sky. Instead of just describing my thoughts on this game, […]

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The Novelist

So I thought it was about time I wrote my next review. It was then that I realised that I never wrote this review. Oops. The Kaplan family has temporarily moved to new house, led there by the husband and author, Dan Kaplan, who is suffering from writer’s block. But it just so happens that […]

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So I’m aware I’m a little bit late for this one. Winter has truly come which means I’m unable to hold back the tide of the work that is amassing. Not only does this mean I’m unable to find the time to write, but also unable to find the time to play the games I […]

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There are three things that Arrowhead game studios seem to exalt: Cooperative, action multiplayer Satirical humour Friendly – fucking – fire On average, I accidentally shot my companion in the back once every mission. And considering that the mission times range between five and twenty minutes, that’s a lot allied blood on my hands. Helldivers […]

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