Steam Autumn Sales

Well, the Steam autumn sales are over and my coin-purse is feeling very empty. Well sort of, because it’s SALES!! Where everything I buy is at least 50% off. Steam even had a separate page for indie games. So here’s a list of the indie games I bought and will hope to review in the […]

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The Binding of Isaac

Hmmm… a disturbing action-RPG, roguelike dungeon crawler that’s only $5? Yeah, why not? 30 hours of gameplay later… How in the heavens did that happen? The Binding of Isaac is a game by Edmund McMillan, the same warped mind that brought us Super Meat Boy and the whole Basement Collection. McMillan is the kind of person […]

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Nyx Quest: Kindred Spirits

Now here’s a game I can really get involved in. The story of a beautiful winged girl named Nyx searching for her true love, Icarus (yours truly), after the titan Helios went supernova and turned ancient Greece into a desert wasteland causing my wings to melt and my body to plummet to the earth. That […]

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I don’t know what it is about a shattered, floating world that attracts me, but it’s the way you get about this shattered world that turns simple attraction into an adventure. The game Bastion, the first release from Supergiant Games, takes place in a beautiful, yet broken fantasy world which has been smashed apart by an […]

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