Brief Write of a Brief Flight – AwesomeNauts

This is a different type of article. I’m going to write every now and then about a demo or my brief impressions of a game. I figure this to be based on no more than an hour of game play.

For the first one, I’ve decided to take advantage of Steam’s free weekend for AwesomeNauts. While I’ve never played DOTA, I know enough about it to realise AwesomeNauts is more or less the same game set in 3587 if crossed it with Swords & Soldiers (also produced by Romino Games. Coincidence? I think not!).

You control a single “AwesomeNaut” online in a team of 3 against 3. The level is a side-scrolling platformer where you have to bust through enemy turrets and eventually destroy the base, taking out many minions and other AwesomeNauts along the way. As you play a single game your character levels up and you can upgrade their abilities. Each AwesomeNaut has a unique series of abilities and as you level up your profile, you unlock more AwesomeNauts, abilities and features. It was a fun experience, and I would definitely buy it on special if it weren’t for the single fact that I would forget about it after a week. Though if I had any friends (at all) to play with, I’m sure it would be more fun, especially when you devise particular winning strategies and combinations.

One negative feature of the game seems to be the $2.49 price on a single unlockable skin (a way for AwesomeNauts to appear different), a form of theft that would make a Minoan pirate cringe. Another is the complete lack of reward for not finishing a game. Some games can go on for a long time (one of mine took half an hour while another took less than 10 minutes) and if you don’t see it to the end, you get nothing, NOTHING! Not a single bit of token experience.

One great aspect of the game is the online matching. Depending on how awesome your performance is in a game, you raise in rank. Not-so-good? You stay at a lower rank. Whatever your rank is, you’re placed in online matches with people of a similar ability.

Definitely worth a gander and if this is your cup of tea, also worth the price.

AwesomeNauts is currently available from the Steam Store for $9.99, or you can buy a 3-pack for $19.98. And don’t forget $14.99 for a whole 9 skins…


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