Steam Autumn Sales

Well, the Steam autumn sales are over and my coin-purse is feeling very empty. Well sort of, because it’s SALES!! Where everything I buy is at least 50% off. Steam even had a separate page for indie games. So here’s a list of the indie games I bought and will hope to review in the future:

Zeno Clash ($0.99)

Warp ($4.99)

Legend of Grimrock ($3.74)

Torchlight II ($9.99)

DustForce ($4.99)

Superbrothers Sword and Sorcery EP ($3.19)

The Dream Machine 1 & 2 ($1,99)

Amnesia: The Dark Descent ($4.99)

Trauma ($1.74)

Dear Esther ($2.49)

Home ($1.01)

Wait, I spent $40.11 on games (take about $2 off because of how piss-weak the US Dollar is)? Very devious Steam… Ok, so maybe I spent beyond my regular budget for these games, but I guess that’s just a bit over $3.50 per game, so not a bad investment.

Afterthought: And I also bought Batman: Arkham City GOTY  for $7.49. Not an indie game but it’s about Batman… Batman!



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