Brief Write of a Brief Flight – Coil

A game developed and produced by the man of questionable sanity who produced The Binding of Isaac and Super Meat Boy, Edmund McMillan, and Florian Himsl, a programmer for The Binding of Isaac.

Though the word game is being used pretty loosely since this is an interactive story with no pretense of being a game. It shares similar art to McMillan’s other work. The game is controlled purely using the mouse with no keyboard and even no clicking. Though i’m still not exactly sure how the mouse controls you; I’m sure rotating the mouse is somehow involved. But the point is, the main character/embryo handles like a blind, deaf and dumb horse with three legs. But this game isn’t about the controls.

I would love to give you a brief insight int the story… but I’m not really sure what it is. It’s divided into seven small chapters and only takes about ten minutes to entirely play through. In between each chapter is a small snippet of poetry. The game-play parts seem to represent conception and the adventures of an embryo while the poetry seems to be about a woman’s connection to another individual. There might be rape involved…

Coil is available on Steam as a “Demo” or as a flash game on this website for free.


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