Icarus is going to Japan

I am taking flight and going to Japan for two weeks which means there won’t be a review for those two weeks and possibly another week after that. Depending on my access to internet, I might post something here and there, especially if it has a relevance to indie video games. Also, I won’t be […]

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FTL: Faster Than Light

Well, I decided I’d do this review a little differently from the others. I’ll give a small summary of the game and story and a small conclusion, but the bulk of this review will just be some of the various playthroughs that I experienced. FTL, from Subset Games and a Kickstarter project, is a space flight […]

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Deadlight is the first project by Madrid-based developers Tequila Works and very good opening project with an emphasis on running and surviving as opposed to running and gunning. You might be thinking, “Oh excellent… another zombie game…” Or you like me, that last sentence hasn’t emerged from your lips with a sarcastic tone. Zombies seem like […]

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You know that magical moment when you strap on your wings and fly out of the Knossos prisons, knowing that there is no power on earth that can catch you and drag you back? Well that’s what it felt like when I finally finished Diablo… I mean Torchlight. I was meant to have this review […]

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Steam Greenlight

Well, I was meant to do a review on Torchlight by now. But after two weeks and a solid 12 hours of game-play, there’s no end in sight to that game. So here instead is a review of the Steam Greenlight system. Greenlight is essentially a community based kick-starter system which is accessible by anyone […]

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