Brief Write of a Brief Flight – The Last Phoenix Demo

Here is a game I discovered via Steam Greenlight and found that they had already released a demo… hooray! So I promptly downloaded a game demo that boasts aerial combat in an open-world environment; and that it was. You control the legendary fire bird, a phoenix as you fly around the dead ruins of a Greek island, using your fiery goodness to restore colour and life back to the island.

It’s quite fun as the flying controls are simple yet extensive enough to feel like your maneuverability is not limited.  The mouse controls most of your flying with the WASD keys adding extra movements. The aerial combat part is also quite intuitive as it uses automatic lock-on features to destroy your enemy, carrion birds.

The demo lasts about 20 minutes depending on how you play it and was definitely enjoyable. Though call me spoilt, but the demo seemed a little unpolished. Or at least I hope it was since the graphics were a little underwhelming. There seemed to be an eternal sunset occurring throughout the game which meant that everything was doused in shadows. Which, on a dark landscape comprised of every shade of brown meant that the world was a little undistinguished. This coupled with the orange glow that emanates from you constantly can make the world hard to navigate.

You can find information about the game on Steam Greenlight, or you can download the demo here.




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