Brief Write of a Brief Flight – Planets Under Attack Demo

Well, I’m aware that I’m a bit late on Sunday’s post… yeah no excuse really. But in the meantime here’s a Brief Flight about a game that’s available on XBLA, Playstation Network and Steam.

Planets Under Attack is a fast-paced strategy game by Targem Games and Topware Interactive who, between them, seem to produce a random assortment of games like Clutch, Jagged Alliance 2, Dream Pinball 3D and Battle vs Chess.

It has a very simple concept: Conquer and defend planets. Also has very simple mechanics: As you conquer planets, you increase your maximum revenue and rate of revenue increase, using revenue to move ships from planet to planet. When attacking a nuetral or enemy planet you don’t generate any revenue. That’s pretty much it.

In this demo, you play Mr. Goodman as he tries to repay his families debts in a new universe full or riches. You complete small, face-paced missions, often competing with other individuals for control of solar systems. In some mission you have conquer all of the enemy planets, on others you have to control particular planets and gain domination points and in another you have to destroy bug infestation in planets before they overwhelm the system (like the Tyranids in Warhammer). There are also various types of planets like bank planets and Death Stars (or space fortresses as they call them). In the systems, asteroid belts provide obstacles to your ships.

I enjoyed the hour I played with a nice cartoony, yet 3D art style complimenting the simple style of game play. The way you attack other planets was a bit annoying with simply holding the left-mouse button, usually resulting in roughly the right amount of ships, but never accurate.

There was also an option in the settings to play the game in 3D, assuming you have the correct glasses. So I have ordered the glasses and assuming they arrive with the haste of Hermes, I’ll post an update on how this game is in 3D.

Planets under Attack is available on the Steam Store for $14.99, XBLA for 1,200 Microsoft Points, their website for €9.99 and will be soon available on the Playstation Network.



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