Indie Game Concert

Here’s something that will interest any indie game enthusiast, or possible any music enthusiast as well. It’s an indie game concert, full of many composers from indie games companies around Europe. It’s happening on Saturday evening, the 2nd March. Here’s a list of the music composers: Cello Fortress (Joost van Dongen) Cave Story (Daisuke “Pixel” […]

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Originally posted on Mostly Awkward:
Within the last few years the video game industry has seen some significant changes. Independent game developers have become a force for large game studios to reckoned with. “Super Meat Boy,” created by Team Meat’s Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes, and “Minecraft,” created by Markus “Notch” Persson, have become prime examples…

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Zeno Clash

Well after the lovable odd games by Amanita Design, I was ready for something a bit more gritty, a bit less intricate in thought, a bit of mindless violence with a classic formula. And by the beard of Zeus did I get one of the strangest games I’ve ever played where the violence was anything […]

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Well, here’s my last review on an Amanita Design game. While there are more games than just the 4 I’ve reviewed (according to their Wikipedia page anyway), these are the award-winning, or at least the award nominated ones. This one is about Machinarium, produced in 2009 and is easily my favourite of Amanita Design’s games […]

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Originally, this was going to be about Samorost 1. But 20 minutes later, I was on to Samorost 2. So this review is going to be about both Samorost games. Samorost was the first game published by Amanita Design in 2003 and is a browser-based, point and click adventure game that utilises Flash. And it’s FREE! […]

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