Brief Write of a Brief Flight – Planets Under Attack Demo… BUT IN 3D!

Well here it is… the follow up to the Brief Flight of the Planets Under Attack Demo, but this time it’s in 3D!

What I can say is that the 3D doesn’t add much to the overall game; but I’m sure anyone who’s watched a modern movie in 3D could have worked that out for themselves. I’m not sure if the 3D wasn’t that great, or whether my settings were wrong, but the only thing that really stood out from the screen was the space dust and the mouse (I definitely had the right red/blue glasses). The rest was reasonably underwhelming. I couldn’t make a great distinction between colours, especially blue and red (funny that), and after taking the glasses off because my eyes aren’t the biggest fan of 3D, generally because it creates false depth, I much prefer this game in the 2D on my monitor.

But despite all this, I did the get the chance to play some more Planets Under Attack and experience more of the game. Something I may have missed in my original review is that each planet you control automatically generates ships and revenue. 1 revenue equals the ability to move 1 other ship to another planet in the system. As soon as you choose to move ships to another planet that isn’t owned by you (as in move a ship to attack another planet) your revenue stops being generated. You can upgrade planets to be able to generate revenue and ships at a faster pace. By sending ships to an enemy planet to attack (generally more ships then they have on their planet), you can take over their planet.

The reason I’m going through all this again is because I realise that as a strategy game, Planets Under Attack is a great game. I’ve always found the simplest of strategy games some of the most ingenious and this one is on the same level of Risk, if you took the dice rolling out of Risk and replaced it with the probability factor and took away its turn-based game play and replaced it with real-time strategy.

You can expect a proper review of this game at some point. If you want pricing details, look at the original Brief Flight.



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