Brief Write of a Brief Flight – Dustforce

Usually when I do a Brief Write it’s due to one of three reasons. Either the game took less than an hour to complete, or the game was so bad that I didn’t want to play it any further or the game just doesn’t grab me enough to keep playing. This game fits into the last category.

You are part of a team of awesome janitors who are fighting against dirty enemies who are covering the world in filth and turning people into dust monsters. The game has a retro 8-bit track banging on in the background which suits the style of game fine. You navigate around a nexus, travelling around to variously themed area, cleaning up and saving the day.

Dustforce is a side-scrolling platformer by Hitbox Team which is very much in the same style of Super Meat Boy. It requires quick reflexes, sweeping up dust and lots of bouncing off walls. And this is partially why the game didn’t grab me. This is one of those games which requires you to move through a level as quickly as you can, collecting all the nominated something (in this case dust) and reach the end, resulting in a grading based on the amount of something collected and fluency of this collection. To put it simply, this style of game doesn’t appeal to me in the same way that the Sonic games never appealed to me. That being said, not everyone shares this opinion so here is my attempt at a brief, unbiased review.

This game is not an original idea, having being beaten to the punch by Sonic. N+ and more recently, Super Meat Boy. This is not necessarily a bad thing as sometimes the old idea are the best ones, it’s what is done with these ideas that makes the game interesting. Dustforce is a new take on a old idea and adds enough to the idea to still remain a good and original game. Unlike Super Meat Boy, it involves a lot more buttons than just the jump key and directional keys. This game also involves double jumping, sliding, running up walls and along ceilings, dashing and light and heavy attacks. The original key-mapping is a bit archaic for modern computer (using the actual directional keys instead of WASD? what is this? the Neolithic age?) users but with some configuration, this was easily solved.

If you enjoyed Super Meat Boy for the game play, then I would recommend this game to you.

Dustforce is available on Steam and their website for $9.99.



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