Sequels ahoy?

This is going to sound like one of those nostalgic rants of how things used to be and how things are awful now. But the reality is that as far as video games are concerned, things are generally better. I still remember when entertainment was watching an adulterer get stoned or inept actors use masks […]

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Steam Indie Sale

Like a siren luring unsuspecting sailors to the rocks, Steam is once again luring your bank accounts into bankruptcy. The Indie Spring Sale is here from March 21st to 29th and offering heaps of deals every day. It’s also offering the Independent Game Festival finalists and games featured at PAX East. So time to throw […]

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Frozen Synapse

This game have been around a couple of years now and is essentially what you get if you adapted the concept of Facebook into an indie, turn-based, strategy game. To help explain this convoluted metaphor, I’ve employed (embedded) Jerry Seinfeld to help: Frozen Synapse is an online, turn-based, squad, tactical strategy game where you can […]

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Free Games! – Plain Sight

I came to the sudden realisation that I have a lot of spare games floating around so every now and then I’m going to offer a free game or two, simply to the first people to comment on this post. Also, somewhat of a social experiment to see who will take this seriously. The game […]

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Indie Royale

Discovered this website through a contact in the game industry (well a friend residing in Europe. “Contact” makes me sound this millennia). As the title suggests, it’s called Indie Royale ( and it’s a very simple concept. The website sells bundles of indie games at an incredibly low price. As more people buy the bundle, the […]

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