Kickstarter – There Came An Echo

I discovered There Came an Echo through researching Sequence since they’re both by Iridium Studios. This game has intrigued me and acquired my backing for two reasons. The first reason is that it looks like a great game. I’m a big fan of Frozen Synapse, a multiplayer, squad-based game that I will review soon, which relied on simple graphics and turn-based strategy (like the combat part of X-COM).  There Came an Echo seems like a very similar concept except real-time and entirely uses voice-command, as opposed to point and clicking.

The second reason is that it involves Wil Wheaton as one of the voice-actors for whom I’m a little bit of a sucker. Though his involvement isn’t usually enough to get me into any game or TV show, his appearance in the Kickstarter pitch pushed the pitch into the realm of enjoyable.

The game isn’t yet fully funded with 13 days to go. So visit the site and pledge the minimum $15 which will get you a free copy of There Came an Echo AND Sequence, not a bad deal.

There Came an Echo  launched on Kickstarter on 19 February, 2013 with a goal of $90,000 and will finish on 22 March, 2012. It’s current funding is $64,250 with 2,211 backers and $25,750 to go. $15 of that is mine.



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