Indie Royale

Discovered this website through a contact in the game industry (well a friend residing in Europe. “Contact” makes me sound this millennia). As the title suggests, it’s called Indie Royale ( and it’s a very simple concept. The website sells bundles of indie games at an incredibly low price. As more people buy the bundle, the prices increases. But by paying over a certain amount of money for the bundle, you can then reduce the price for other buyers, and gain bonuses like bonus soundtracks, games, etc.

My first buy was the Debut Bundle for $4.22, consisting of 8 games:

  • Cognition: Episode 1 – The Hangman
  • Master of Alchemy – Rise of the Merchanologists
  • CloudPhobia
  • Wimp: Who Stole my Pants
  • 6180 the moon
  • Gunman Clive
  • Isaac Adventurer

I highly recommend this website for any indie game enthusiast. Also as a fun fact, the people of this website are based in Melbourne, Australia.


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