Sanctum is the first game in my series of tower defense reviews and it is also the self-proclaimed first tower defense/FPS hybrid. This is the first game from Coffee Stain Studios, launched in 2011, (an indie game studio called Coffee Stain Studios? Already this is sounding hipster), with the Sanctum series being it’s flagship and only series (other […]

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All the Tower Defense!

One of the aspects I love about indie games is the abundance of good tower defense games. Independent developers have made tower defense popular enough for AAA games to even start including similar elements in their games (thinking of Assassin’s Creed Revelations). Tower defense is a genre that I can’t get enough of. The formulas […]

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Ok, first I want you to take the original Mario game for NES, then I want to you get Friedrich Nietzsche to direct the game, Claude Monet for graphical design, add a moody soundtrack, a metaphor for taking back regretted actions and what is your end result? Not quite the above, but pretty close to […]

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Free Games! – Sequence

This time I’m giving away Sequence, an RPG which uses rhythm game elements instead of battling. You can find the review I did on it here. The first person to comment on this post with their Steam username or email will receive the serial key. Don’t worry, your user name or email won’t appear in the comments.

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Free Games! – Nuclear Dawn

The game on offer this time is Nuclear Dawn, an online, multiplayer hybrid FPS and RTS game. The game offers the squad, class based style of FPS gameplay along with RTS elements such as base construction and defence. I have a copy of this game on Steam. First person to reply with their steam username will […]

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