Brief Write of a Brief Flight – Candy Crush Saga

For any users of Facebook you might have noticed 400 of your closest friends sending you requests to play a game called Candy Crush Saga. Well I finally became curious enough to give it a shot, downloading it for my phone.

It’s not hard to turn our noses up at the casual, social media-based games but if they are free, well-designed and fun, then I recommend everyone try them. Candy Crush Saga is based off browser-based Candy Crush, which is in turn based off the Bejeweled series of games where you must match up at least 3 of the same coloured candy to eliminate those candy and gain points. Though the game mechanics are somewhat more complex than Bejeweled. Eliminating certain numbers of candy create special kinds of candy which can then be combined for different effects. Each level has different goals which could involve point gain within a time limit or a certain amount of moves; clearing certain tiles; dropping special items down to the bottom; etc.

This is a free, social media game which of course means you can pay real money for bonus enhancements or extra chances at passing levels. You can also stoop to the level of a ptochos and beg your friends for more lives, cluttering their notifications with demands allowing you to continue your game. It is annoying having to hold your beggar’s bowl higher just to continue your progress, or having to wait the 25 or so minutes for you to gain an extra life. Though if you keep passing levels, you don’t expend a life. So my tip for this game: don’t lose.

This is the most successful game from, a purveyor of browser-based social media games, and is so successful that it has recently surpassed Farmville 2 as the most popular game on Facebook. I found it more enjoyable than Bejeweled and isn’t bad for a bit of light entertainment that will probably be played mostly on the toilet.

Candy Crush Saga is available for free on Facebook, Android and iOS.



4 thoughts on “Brief Write of a Brief Flight – Candy Crush Saga

    1. It’s funny you should bring this up. Since writing this article, I’m now at level 180-something (so obviously not impossible levels) and found that there are levels which are much more difficult than others. Only once though, did I find a level that designed in a way that you could tell on the first drop whether you would be able pass the level or not. This means that the a potential go is wasted. And when you only get a new shot at it every half hour, you either spend ages on the level, keep begging your friends to allow you more lives or have to pay the fees. If this level was unintentionally designed this way, that’s just poor design. If it was intentional, then this level was at manipulative standard set by Satan himself. I obviously chose to give Candy Crush the benefit of the doubt.

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