PAX Australia

Over the weekend, I attended PAX Australia, the first Penny Arcade Expo to be held in Australia. I attended the first two days and even then, I could have done with another day. I never once felt I had nothing to do between looking at all the indie games, playing board, card and table-top games, […]

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Kickstarter – Armikrog.

Here’s a Kickstarter that seems to be almost purely aimed at a nostalgic audience. Armikrog. is by Pencil Test Studios, the creators of The Neverhood and Earthworm Jim. The Neverhood was a claymation point and click adventure game released in 1996 (17 years ago for those wishing to avoid some quick maths) which sported lore comparable to any modern fantasy […]

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Kickstarter – Massive Chalice

Another Double Fine kickstarter… need I say more? Well I can also say that it’s the brain-child of one of the main developers behind Psychonauts, Iron Brigade and Brütal Legend… need I say more now? Here’s the kickstarter video which I would personally love to see turned into a television show. [youtube] After recently immersing myself in the Game […]

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This will the final review in my tower defense series. This choice wasn’t simple as there are plenty of tower defense games out there that I’ve played and enjoyed. I thought of doing one of the Orcs Must Die games but figured it was too much like Sanctum and so decided to choose a relatively straight-forward tower defense […]

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