Brief Write of a Brief Flight – Gratuitous Space Battles

Huh… looks like Steam has implemented some kind of trading card system, sounds fun. What’s this? I can sell these digital items for money that allows me to buy more games? So begins the quest for all the trading cards.

In that quest, I decided to play Gratuitous Space Battles, a game recommended to me, bought for a pittance and then never played. This game from Positech Games is a pure strategy game with elements of ship-design simulation. Positech games has produced some… interesting looking games such as Democracya government simulator; Kudos, a life simulator that takes place between ages 20-30; and they’re currently working on Redshirta social networking simulator that takes place aboard a space station.

In Gratuitous Space Battles, you construct a financially-feasible fleet with what begins as a limited amount of components. You then place your fleet in whatever formation you want, press ‘go’ and watch the space battle unfold. The battle can take a while but you can fast-forward it through it to the result (which is mostly losing it until you figure out a good fleet design).  Graphically the game isn’t very impressive. In fact, the game isn’t very impressive at all. If you’re into spaceship engineering, then this is the game for you. If you’re a bit more into the actually battle part of space battle, then you might find this game a little gratuitous.

Gratuitous Space Battles is available for $14.95 on their website or $14.99 on Steam and the Collector’s Edition is available for $16.95 on their website or $18.99 on Steam.



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