Here’s the last game in my series of reviews of games on display at the indie pavilion at PAXAUS and I’ve more or less cheated on this last one. First of all, I was trying to review games from different mediums. Unfortunately, without owning an iPad or a 3DS, I was a little limited and […]

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Cargo Chaos

Here’s another game that was on display at the Aussie Indie Pavilion at PAX and one that I’ve played way too much while sitting on the tram, train or toilet. Cargo Chaos is a 2D, Action-Puzzler, phone game which uses realistic gravity, the first game produced by the 2-man team, Considerable Content. Cargo Chaos, originally named Fail […]

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Here’s the first review of one of the indie games on display at PAX AUS and I’ve chose it for 4 reasons: I already owned it (made things easy really). It’s the winner or finalist of around ten awards, festivals and contests. It made it into the indie showcase of PAX. It not only is […]

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