Brief Write of a Brief Flight – Terraria

So I finally gave a Terraria a fair play the other day and essentially found myself playing 2D Minecraft. I created my character and waited patiently for my world to generate. I decided to try the hardcore mode, when you die, you die for good. That was the stupidest thing I could possibly do. By the time I had built a wall, it was night and I was killed by several ravenous zombies and a floating eyeball.

The second time I decided to scrap the hardcore mode, just while I learnt to play anyway. But same again, it got to night and I hadn’t managed to build my log cabin and was a decimated by eyeballs who I feel sorry for since they’ve been kicked out of home.

I found the inventory and crafting interface a little cumbersome, but that could be more because I’ve never really played Minecraft or games like this. What makes it worse is that it all happens in real-time. It’s hard to browse the list of house-construction materials when a zombie is licking the inside of your ear.

I found the crafting and inventory interface a pain, which is unfortunately the entire game in a nutshell. Apparently there’s also plenty of NPCs to interact with, varied environments to explore, including the snow and the underworld, bosses to defeat and 7 billion things to craft, but I never made it that far. This game isn’t bad at all and I can see the great potential of it. But it’s not the game for me.

(As a side note, if you want to build a log cabin, you have to leave a gap to place the door and have to imagine your house as a cross-section. Don’t build it as if you were looking at it from the front… like I did.)

Terraria is currently available on Steam for $9.99, XBLA for $14.95, iTunes App Store for $4.99, Google Play for $5.34 and PSN.


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