Godus… a god-game from a studio founded by the God of god-games, Peter Molyneux (whose last name is French for deity… not really). That studio is 22Cans, created for the sole purpose of Godus, a successful Kickstarter project. Godus is currently for early-access on Steam… which means it’s not finished yet, but you can still pay full price for it of course. That being said, there’s not much of Godus that I didn’t have access to, except for interaction with real-live people in the multiplayer feature. Not saying that I didn’t get some interaction in the multiplayer  feature… from a made up a girl… who tried to set me up with her friend…

This conversation happened…

That asides, Godus starts off like many other god-games. You have a handful of nomadic followers and a small area of influence based around these followers. As more houses are built, your followers breed and your influence grows. But after this, the game differs greatly from other god-games I’ve played. The aim (at this point in time) is to collect cards. You can get resource cards by finding chests in the world or by having your followers mine certain resources. These resources go towards cards that advanced your civilisation through the eras. You also gain advancement cards by winning the multiplayer challenges and gaining a certain amount of followers.  This seems to be the crux of the game and a good measure of how well you’re doing.


They key, and arguably the most important feature of the game is the main use of the influence you gain. You use your influence to sculpt the land, making plateaus large enough for people to settle housing of various sizes. The world exists in layers which you manipulate to create habitable land. You can also destroy trees and rocks to create more space and gain influence at the same time. This being a key feature, I also found it a little irritating as the land isn’t always modified easily and digging for chests can be arduous and frustrating.

This more or less sums up the game in a nutshell as it’s only in its alpha stage so doesn’t get much more detailed than this. You can also spend your influence on extra powers, abilities and constructions. The only one I really used was a town centre (allowing you to gather all your faith from one central spot), which increased in price until I had to purchase it with gems. I started off with some gems but have no idea how to get more. They seem akin to those currencies your purchase for Facebook games where you can purchase your way through advancement as opposed to earning it, though I hope there isn’t actually any extra purchasing involved. The town centre is more of a convenience and while it should be expensive, it shouldn’t keep increasing in cost, or maybe it should just plateau out (note to self: Suggest to developers).

This is another alpha game which has a lot of potential but it’s not currently worth the $19.99 it’s going for. Given some more time, it probably will be.

Godus is currently available on Steam for $19.99.


Cover Image: http://www.pcgamer.com/2012/12/07/godus-interview/

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