Do you like colours? Because if you don’t, then you’ll hate this game. All the colours are in this game! The second children’s game I got the chance to play copious amounts of was Scribblenauts Unlimited. Surprisingly, Scribblenauts delivers a really complex storyline before you even have the chance to do anything. Here is a slightly modified plot synopsis courtesy of the Scribblenauts Unlimited wiki:

Maxwell had 2 parents named Edgar and Julie who had careers as explorers before they settled down to have children, 42 children in all, including Maxwell and Lily, who were all given a special and magical gift, Maxwell received a special notebook, while Lily received a magical globe that took her all around the world, but Edgar and Julie sent all their children out to face the challenges of the world since all these magical gifts made the children spoiled and mean and Because of this, Maxwell pulled a trick on a hungry beggar by writing down a rotten apple in his notebook and after the beggar ate the apple, he revealed that he had magical powers, and placed a curse on Lily that would turn her from flesh to stone for which Maxwell learned that the only way to stop the curse was to gather Starites, however, to get these starites, Maxwell needed to earn people’s gratitude by helping them with their various tasks and therefore, Maxwell decided to use his notebook for good, and set out on his quest of travelling the world to collect starites, all to make things right again for his family.
I will give the bird the adjective, "smelly". HA!
I will give the bird the adjective, “smelly”. HA!

You have a magical notepad which allows you to create things out of nothing or manipulate things that already exist in the world. Just type the word and it exists. Your notepad gives you god-like powers, which you then choose to use to help people to gain magical energy to cure the petrification of your sister… the only thing your notepad can’t seem to affect.

Each level provides a series of separate challenges and puzzles that you have to use your notepad to solve. Though the word ‘challenges’ is liberal as this is a kids game. This game is incredibly easy. I didn’t miss a beat on my path to gaining the ultimate power to RULE THE… I mean save my sister. Especially easy when a number of the puzzles involving providing a way to get rid of something. And once you learn that you can apply the adjective, ‘Gone’ to these situations, problem solved! That being said, once I forced myself not to use the cheat word, I quite enjoyed solving all the challenges. There are thousands of words you can use to solve each challenge in many different ways. It allows you to use your full creativity to solve people’s and creature’s useless issues.

Well if this game is taking away from my Black Flag time, this'll do...
Well if this game is going to take away from my Black Flag time, this’ll do…

As you solve certain problems, you unlock the use of one of your 40 siblings… hence why I’m a ninja in the above screen shots… though I’m not really sure why there’s a conquistador running a lemonade stand? Scribblenauts has an element of platforming which you can destroy by giving yourself wings.

Scribblenauts Unlimited can be placed in the casual category, almost purely because it’s a breeze to play through.

Scribblenauts Unlimited is currently available on Steam for $19.99 and the 3DS and Wii-U.


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