The wonderful world of Akihabara


Akihabara… also known as Electric City. A geek’s paradise located in the heart of Tokyo. There are hundreds of stores, ranging from multi-level department stores to a series of tightly-compacted shelves. The contents of these floors and shelves appeal to nerds of all sorts. Games, anime, TV, TCG’s, manga and general electronics of all sorts and all eras inhabit this magical world. I’ve just spent a bit of time holidaying in Japan, mostly around Tokyo and this was one of the places I looked forward to the most. Not just for its cheap, half-price electronics and geek… stuff, but just for the environment. Colours and noise!

Before you go running to the airport with millions of dollars, ready to spend it on all the bargains, just remember… region locking. TV, 3DS, XBOX, etc., All bound by region locking, the bane of modern global civilisation. But no matter, this place is still worth the visit.

One thing I was surprised to see was the presence of indie games.




Torchlight is a bit of a given these days but I was surprised to see all the fuss for Mars: War Logs (not because it’s bad but because it’s low key). Indie games lined the same shelves as the Call of Duties and World of Warcrafts. Is indie and AAA equality finally here? Is this end of an era of  oppression? Not really, that’s not how video gaming works, but saying that stuff sounds cool.

Also, just watch out for the staircases that lead to all porn, it’s a bit seedy:



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