Brief Write of a Brief Flight – To the Moon

The enjoyment I experience from playing a game differs greatly from the enjoyment I experience from reading a book. So when I set out to enjoy a game, I don’t want to feel like I’m reading a book. This is what I felt when “playing” To the Moon. You control two scientists in charge of memory implantation technology as they aim to to give a dying man a final memory of going to the moon. This is a great story with a great premise and I can understand why this game has many indie game awards under its belt. Though I don’t quite understand when the real game was meant to begin.

To the Moon is an adventure RPG by Freebird Games, but I think it would be better to classify this game as an interactive story with point and click, RPG and puzzle elements. In the hour I spent playing this game, a lot happened. Most of the characters were introduced, as were what I assume is most of the game elements. Your goal in the game is to traverse the memories of an old man to find the point where you can plant the ‘desire’ to go to the moon, allowing the brain to construct memories that reflect this desire. Inception cross Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

The world is laid out like an old SNES JRPG, setting your mode of interaction. And asides from a small puzzle you perform every time you want to transition through memories, the rest of the game is exposition, plot, story and clicking things to gather “memory info”. I enjoyed what was going on and wanted to find out where the game went, but I suspect it will be a long and arduous task to get there. It was like starting a game and going through the initial several minutes of cut-scenes, only to find that the cut scene doesn’t stop. I spent way too long sitting back and watching the dialogue roll out. Then again, what a lot of people want from a good game is a good story and if you’re one on of those people, then this is your game.

To the Moon is currently available on their website, Steam for $9.99 and GoG for $1.99, as well as a free trial version on their website.

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