Time to get it Together!

Right, time to knuckle down and get this blog together! Over the next several months, I’ll be attempting to make a couple of changes to the consistency and quality of posts.

  • A proper game review every 3rd Friday.
  • More consistency in the timing of social media sharing.
  • At some point, I’ll be implementing a rating system (something I’ve been meaning to do for a while now). Rather then rating game-play, graphics, etc., I’ll be rating five aspects with an overall rating which will be more or less how much I recommend this game. The five aspects will be: Enjoyment, Creativity, Aesthetics, Design and Value.
  • Up until now, I’ve been only reviewing games I’m compelled to play for most or all of the way through, with Brief Writes generally being about games I only play for an hour or so due to several reasons. This is a little unfair and biased. So to solve this, I’ll be announcing each review in the previous one. For example:

Next review will be this Friday on Mark of the Ninja.


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