Brief Write of a Brief Flight – WazHack

Steam sales! And it felt like only last Christmas that I could hear my Tiny Tim-level begging echoing around the depths of my wallet. This time I set myself a series of conditions before I’m allowed to purchase a game:

  • It had to be on my wishlist.
  • It had to be at least 60% off.
  • It had to be under $10.

Anyway, $100 or so later, I’ve had the chance to play WazHack. Roguelike, fantasy dungeon crawler with multiple classes to choose from, hundreds of items, spells and weapons? Sounds awesome! But WazHack struggled to live up to my expectations. WazHack is a platforming dungeon crawler set in an epic dungeon called WazHack which I suspect was once part of an epic sewer system.

Like old-school dungeon crawlers, when you’re not moving, neither is anything else; items are numerous and often cursed and likewise with the enemies (numerous and cursed that is, since they’re all skeletons). Why didn’t this game hold my attention? It turns out that WazHack is also available as a phone game and the graphics don’t translate well onto 32 inch monitor. The interface is a little clunky. A little more than clunky. While moving around and attacking was easy enough, using, equipping and consuming items was an ordeal of scrolling through menus, reading stats, and on-screen text.

I did not enjoy my time playing this game. Considering the nature of roguelike games is that you die a lot and have to restart, there has to be a huge motivator to compel you to keeping playing. Going lower and lower into  a dungeon is just not enough to compel me.

Wazhack is currently available on Desura for $9.99, on special on Steam for $3.99 and on Google PlayApp Store and their website for FREE.


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