Brief Write of a Brief Flight – Battleblock Theater

Like multiplayer? Well too bad if you don’t because Battleblock Theater is entirely a multiplayer game. I vouched for the local co-op option via Steam’s big picture feature. This game from The Behemoth, the guys who produced Castle Crashers and Alien Hominid, so you can be guaranteed a game with an odd sense of humour. The game is starts off telling the story about how hundreds of friends set sail on the S.S Friendship with the bestest fried of all, Hatty Hattington. And you know the rest, ship crashes on mysterious island, Hatty is mind controlled by an evil top hat and all the friends are captured by cats to be thrown into gruesome theatre productions orchestrated by the new evil Hatty.

At the start of the game, you create the “friend” you’re playing by choose a head type, colour and other arbitrary features. Well not overly arbitrary as you need to look distinguished from the other players otherwise it become very confusing very quickly. You then have to proceed through different stages, working together, surviving the pitfalls, collecting the gems and finally making it to the end of the level. In between levels you can spend your gems to buy new head types, unlocking new “friends”.

Battleblock Theater is a social game in the same way gladiatorial battles are a social sport. Sure you might be working together to reach the end of the level, but you can push each other into water, throw your friends into the maws of hungry beasts… all by accident, I swear! There was one level where to reach a gem, both me and my friend needed to get in a boat, sail to a certain point in the water, climb a pole and then throw the other to reach the gem. It took 10 fucking minutes to do this. Simply because my friend couldn’t jump from the boat to the pole. Granted most of the 10 minutes was full of insults, yelling and sailing the boat out from under the other as they tried to jump in (hilarious by the way).

Battleblock Theater is fun game to play with soon-to-be ex-friends, not so fun by yourself. Here’s an entertaining trailer to finish off with.

Battleblock Theater is currently available on Steam and XBLA for $14.99.


Cover Image

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