Brief Write of a Brief Flight – Hacker Evolution

Remember this?

If you want to play a game like this, then your best bet would be Watch_Dogs with its convenient ‘Hack’ button. Hacker Evolution is nothing like Watch_Dogs or Swordfish, both of which are infamous for their unrealistic, stylised hacking. Brian Spencer’s Hacker Evolution makes an effort to simulate the realistic, text heavy reality that is probably hacking (I assume anyway). And text heavy this game certainly is. To perform all commands, re-routes, downloads, etc., you need to type the location or files you want plus the command. An example would be: crack, and that’s one of the shorter strings. And there are no shortcuts. You have to type every single word and command. Get a letter wrong and the console will let you know and you have to start again.

Despite the tedious style of gameplay, the game isn’t actually tedious. The levels are reasonably shorts and because it’s more puzzle than action, you spend more time thinking strategies than actually typing. By typing every word yourself, it’s even more fulfilling when something goes right and you beat a level. And victory is certainly satisfying as the game isn’t exactly easy. There’s some kind of background story (just to establish you’re one of the good hackers) though all I really gathered was that you’re Brian Spencer.

Want to feel like a slick hacker and you use your superior networking knowledge to benefit corporations? Then this is the game for you. Don’t like typing long, complicated strings of computer-related nonsense? Then this probably isn’t the game for you.

Hacker Evolution is currently available from their website for $9.95 and Steam and Desura for $9.99

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