Brief Write of a Brief Flight – Bonza

Considering I’m going to review several Android phone games, I figured I would do a brief write on one I’ve been playing extensively lately. Bonza is a word puzzle game from Australian developers, MiniMega. It’s a reverse crossword… sort of. You start with arrangements of letters and have to put them together to form words. Each puzzle comes with a clue which does little more than to point you in the right direction of the words. Sometimes it’s a mystery clue where all you have is a single letter from the clue. These puzzles aren’t to the same extent as your regular newspaper crossword as there’s generally between 4 and 12 words.

Can't... quite... work it out.
Can’t… quite… work it out.

When you purchase (or not purchase) the game, you get a starter puzzle pack of 10 puzzles. Every puzzle pack after that costs 99 cents which is a little steep in my opinion. While you get about 30 puzzles per pack, you have to play through one at a time. So if you get stuck on one puzzle, refusing to simply Google the answers, that 99 cents can last you a long time, though that’s not necessarily a good thing as you only have a daily puzzle to keep you occupied in the mean time.

That being said, the daily puzzle is one of the great things about Bonza as it’s not only a free way to keep you occupied while you’re sucking at a particular puzzle, but it also slowly allows you to build up in-game currency. This currency is used to purchase hints, reveal hidden clues or after a recent update, buy archived daily puzzles.

Bonza is definitely worth it initially if you’re into word puzzles, but I can definitely see it turning into an expensive drain over time as each pack is relatively expensive. As a weird side-note, I was surprised to learn that this game was developed by an Australian group as a lot of the topic (daily especially) are very US-centric. Though this could deliberate to appeal more to the American market.

Bonza is currently available on Google Play Store for FREE and the iTunes App Store for AU$1.29.


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