Brief Write – PAX AUS 2014

I’ve come to the decision to no longer write brief reviews about short plays of games (Brief Write of a Brief Flight). This for a number of reasons including:

  1. It seems unfair to assess a game based on an hour or less of play.
  2. I generally try to limit myself to 300 words, which is often not enough to cover what needs to be said about a game, good or bad.
  3. They’re not rewarding for me to write and I’d much rather spend the time to write about other things.

So from now on, I will be posting brief opinions or features relating to gaming or the game industry. Most likely closely related to the games I’m currently playing, indie or otherwise. And to kick this off… PAX Australia.

All the nerds… and a dinosaur.

I’ve just come off the whirlwind, 3 day high that is PAX. The Penny Arcade Expo is a collective exhibition of indie and AAA developers, hardware makers and suppliers, vendors of both video and non-video games, geek stores, hourly panels, tabletops, cosplay and just about everything geek you can imagine. For anyone living in Melbourne (or even Australia), and a gamer of any kind, I highly recommend attending PAX at least once in your lifetime.

You get to play games… all the games. Asides from playing numerous indie ones (a lot of which I will talk about in my next review), I also tried me hand at Assassin’s Creed Unity (what AC III probably should have been), Far Cry 4 (replace jaguars with elephants), Evolve (already got to enjoy an abusive community for that one – also the alpha is currently available for anyone who owns XCOM on Steam) and Supersmash Brothers Wii U (no parentheses’ comments needed).

I also attended several panels including ones about horror in games, the relationship between science in games, iron chef cosplay and writing about games (which would have been a lot more depressing if I wasn’t already aware of the poor state of any writing industry in Australia). The horror games ones was particular interesting, especially as the Head of PR and Marketing of Bethesda was there. Despite being in charge of the aggressive marketing campaign for The Evil Within, a horror game which has received mixed reviews, he proved to be incredibly insightful on horror in games.

PAX was like a holiday and it’s hard adjusting back to the real world. Actually, maybe that makes it like jail… anyway, because I loved the game so much, here’s a really cool Transistor cosplay:

“Hey Red…”

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