The Black Glove – A Kickstarter un-success

Well it’s finally happened. Something I backed on kickstarter did not actually get funded. Which is a real shame because the project that didn’t get funded was The Black Glove. Day for Night Games is a small group of independent game developers who were a part of the team who produced Bioshock and Bioshock: Infinite, and have set about producing a game in the spirit of those two games. The Black Glove is a first-person adventure game set in The Equinox, a 1920’s theatre run by three eccentric (insane) artists. As the newly appointed curator set about discovering the origin of the madness, you gain possession of the black glove, an item of clothing which allows you to bend time and space. There’s also a lot of references to space minotaurs. Here’s the trailer:

I shouldn’t need to explain more why I was excited about this game. It takes the surreal and eerie aspects that I loved about Bioshock and implements it into a new adventure-based game. Bioshock cross Twin Peaks. But why didn’t it succeed?

Sometimes it’s hard to tell why some kickstarters gain traction and others don’t. Looking back over some of the The Black Glove updates, they managed to raised $50,000 in the first 24 hours and then funding only trickled in after that. There’s probably two issues as far as I can tell. One is the marketing, or PR. Kickstarter does a loose promotion of its projects, but it’s up to the developers to really push awareness. Whether Day for Night Games lacked the necessary marketing, I’m not sure. Generally, the kickstarter gaming projects that get the best recognition are the ones with ridiculous funding goals, or have an incredibly prolific team, or just have a great delivery. Stretch goals are also important as they provide extra incentive and promised upon high amounts of funding, something The Black Glove seemed to lack.

The second issue would be the nature of Kickstarter. When a new project is put up, if it doesn’t gain a lot of funding traction VERY quickly, it isn’t likely to succeed. A lot of people will not pledge until the very end (when they receive the kickstarter reminder), or until it is ensured of being successful (which is a bit silly as your money is only sent once it is SUCCESSFULLY funded). It’s a bit of a catch 22 as by the time last-minute funders have put in their two cents worth, it’s too late for the already-successful funders. I will admit I was part of the last-minute funders as my reminder came in that last 24 hours, so apologies to Day for Night Games for being part of the problem.

Fortunately the developers aren’t ready to throw in the towel and are looking at future options for the game. Click here to join an email list on the future development of the game.

The Black Glove launched on Kickstarter on 7 October, 2014 with a goal of $550,000 and finished on 8 November 2014. It failed to launch as it only raised $216,517 from 5,961 backers


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