Kickstarter: El Luchador Fantastico Grande

So it I’ve backed an indie game on Kickstarter that isn’t a video game for once. El Luchador Fantastico Grande is a standalone, Luche Libre-themed card and dice game from Senyac Games, a.k.a. Al Caynes, a tabletop developer from Melbourne. Why did I back this project before I even read up on the rules?

  1. I love standalone card games. The rules and mechanics are fine-tuned, they’re quick and easy to play and generally a lot of fun.
  2. Al Caynes is Melbourne based and I’m always more than happy to support Australian developers.
  3. I ate tortillas tonight.
  4. But the main reason is that El Luchador Fantastico Grande looks fun from the outset. It’s bright, colourful and exudes excitement (like actual Mexican wrestling). This game doesn’t need an amazing advertising campaign. If you’re familiar with standalone card games, then you can give a very educated guess of the kind of game this is even without looking at a single card or rule.

Reading through the Kickstarter page, watching the videos and even having a quick flick through the printout version didn’t give any surprises as to the nature of the game… which is perfect. Al Caynes, along with artist Frantz Kantor, from seems to have created a game which is self-explanatory and I can’t wait until it gets funded, which seems inevitable as it’s already 1/3 funded after one day.

EDIT: As I’m writing this, I received a personalised message from Al Caynes. If only all Kickstarters did this!

El Luchador Fantastico Grande is currently at $2,197 of its’ goal of $6,600 (Australian dollars) on Kickstarter and will finish 27 March, 2015. It currently has 47 backers.



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