Time to reel it in a bit…

So I’ve made the executive decision to stop my brief writes until July. Why? I am really busy at the moment. Really really busy. I’m struggling to do everything I want in a week and removing even a small commitment will help alleviate that issue. Once the financial year is over, I’ll be able to […]

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Hand of Fate

Hand of Fate is a game I’ve been looking forward to reviewing ever since I started playing it in early access. This is a game which has set a high standard for early access games (and by high standard, I mean a playable game). This is also a game which made me realise I should […]

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Apotheon, the first indie game I get to review on PS4 and I feel it’s a thematically appropriate one to start with (Greek mythology and all). You play Nikandros, the champion for all of humanity as Zeus throws down his own version of judgement day on all of mankind. With Zeus’ wife Hera as your […]

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