Grow Home

Full disclosure here, despite it’s unique concept and Mario 64 style graphics, Gone Home is not an indie game at all. It’s a product of Ubisoft Reflections, a UK subsidiary of Ubisoft, the people behind Driver, Stuntman, Far Cry 3 and Watch Dogs (so just about everything that isn’t Assassin’s Creed and Rayman by the […]

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I always feel a bit of secret relief when the results of a Kickstarter project finally makes it into my hands. Kickstarter is both a great tool for people to gain funding for, and put forward ideas for, projects they are passionate about. It’s also a recipe for disaster. Projects often over-promise and under-deliver, much […]

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And the rating system is go!

So at the expense of a week of writing, I’ve finally come up with a rating system for all my reviews. Behold: For every review, I’ll place my little Icarus somewhere on the scales, always aiming for the glory of the sun. Of course, this rating is based PURELY on personal opinion. I’ll be measuring […]

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