And the rating system is go!

So at the expense of a week of writing, I’ve finally come up with a rating system for all my reviews. Behold:

Example RatingFor every review, I’ll place my little Icarus somewhere on the scales, always aiming for the glory of the sun. Of course, this rating is based PURELY on personal opinion. I’ll be measuring two different things:


Awesomeness is simply whether the game is any good or not. It will be based off a number of factors such as graphics, themes, story, plotting, game mechanics, interactivity, etc., but overall it’s just how I feel about the game. I’ll attempt to be as unbiased as possible, but I find that I generally don’t review games I know I won’t like from the onset.


Innovation is basically the ‘Icarian Factor’ I love to find in games. It’s where the developers have attempted to produce something new or unique, or maybe taken an old formula and improved it or given it a new, innovative twist. This axis represents a developers desire to aim high.

So if you haven’t guessed already, the best place to be is at the sun. If a game is nothing special, but does that nothing special really well, it will be low, but at the far right. If the game is trying really hard to do something different, but fails miserably at that, it will be really high, but at the far left. I’ll give a short summary as to why I gave it that rating every time.

The next review will be on Armello, so we’ll see how that goes.


4 thoughts on “And the rating system is go!

    1. Yeah… I did think about the whole crash and burn thing. For the moment I’ll keep it simple. And hopefully people won’t get too confused. 🙂

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